Australia Calling


God planted the seed in my heart for missions a few years ago.

It was missions night at church and group was coming in to tell their stories about how God had worked in the lives of those around them. They also shared what organizations helped facilitate the stories.

I sat in my seat and listened to them talk and thought it would be cool if someone was called to go overseas. However, I was sure that someone was not me. There were so many people who needed help around me, why would I need to seek someone out in a different country?

By the end of the service, I was ready to go back to my dorm and finish my homework or just go straight to bed. Midterms week was always like this. But God had other plans for me.

While singing the last song, I felt a strong calling to Australia. I didn’t know at the time, but that evening would mean something for my future.

The calling to Australia didn’t go away, and God changed my heart, beginning that night.

God reminded me that there are people who need Him everywhere and He calls us where we will best fit in His plan for us.

God reminded me that some things are far bigger than me and that people like YOU want to make a difference.

God reminded me that, ultimately, fundraising is a way for me to connect with YOU and fulfill his vision for OUR lives.

I will be going with International Teams, which is a global nonprofit with offices in both the US and Australia. Our shared vision statement is to see lives and communities transformed by the power of God. The organization really speaks to my heart because they do not separate ministry and compassion because Jesus did not. The organization is filled with people who are willingly following God in his call for them. I am thrilled to be a part of God’s plan through ITeams.

During my stay in Australia, part of my time will be helping refugees with both their physical and spiritual needs. With a team, I will be doing home visits with refugees from Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Burma and Pakistan, just to name a few. These home visits will allow me to connect refugees with local resources and supply them with daily needs.

The other part of my volunteer work in Australia will be to support the Australia ITeams office through administrative work such as updating their website and event planning.

Australia is the destination.

One year is the timeframe.

Summer 2016 is takeoff date.

But…the story has just begun and YOU can make a difference. Will you be a part of my story and God’s plan?

This blog is one way for YOU to connect with God’s plan for the world and everyone who benefits from your generosity. Updates will be posted regularly once I am in Australia.


Want to learn more?

Donate **

About ITeams

International Teams Australia Website


**Note that the above “Donate” link is the right link to donate. Donations go through ITeams United States as I am being sent by ITeams US. Write in the donation box “to the ministry of Oksana Carlier.” If you click on the “give” link on the International Teams Australia Website, the donation will not go to me. Thank you and let me know if you have questions!


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