Praises, Prayer Requests and Recap!


1 Chronicles 16:24

 Declare God’s glory among the nations;

    declare his wondrous works among all people

Thank you to all of my supporters thus far, you’ve been a great help while I prepare for my field work in Australia. Below is a recap of what I will be doing along with some praises and prayer requests!

What will I be doing while there?

While there, I will be working with refugees, mainly from the Middle East, which includes building friendships, bringing them food and supplies, connecting them with local churches and helping them with the transition to a new country. Another aspect of my field work is helping at the International Teams Australia National Office with tasks such as developing a pastoral care and development program for volunteers and helping plan the ReachOut missions conference. This is only possible with the partnership that I have with generous supporters like you!

When do I leave?

Praise God that the nomination from International Teams Australia was accepted! The next step is to finish my support raising while I wait for my federal background check so I can submit my VISA. Given these factors, I do not have a set date for leaving.

What about support raising?

Thanks to my supporters, I am between one-third and one-half of the way to my fundraising goal. I am speaking at my home church, Hope Community Church, on Sunday, October 23rd about my trip. I am still looking for supporters.

If you are interested in giving, the link is: You can send a check by mail or donate via credit card on the online portal. Please remember to include a note that says the donation is for the ministry of Oksana.

The graphic below shows support that I am praying for!


Know anyone else interested in supporting me? I am still in need of more supporters, both in prayer and financially, and would appreciate any recommendations for others to contact. I would love to share with more people the passion God put on my heart.

Thank you to all of you who have been on this journey with me and continue to pray and support me financially. It means a lot! I am thankful for the supporters God has provided.


  • 50 + donors already donated one time
  • Found some monthly donors!
  • Much of preparation completed regarding suitcases and clothing needs

Prayer Requests:

  • Speedy return of my federal background check as it takes a long time to process
  • Quick return of my VISA once it is submitted
  • Additional support, both in prayer and funding

In prayer,


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