The VISA Arrives! Now is the time to be a supporter!


After waiting and waiting and waiting, my VISA has arrived!


It was a bit shocking how quickly it got here. My background check through the FBI that I needed to submit the VISA took 2-3 months (the first time and the resubmission).

The VISA took 3 weeks.

Given my newly acquired VISA, I will leave soon! I already committed to one month as a temporary hire with the City of Ramsey (thanks so much to Ramsey!) prior to receiving my VISA in record time and am looking forward to working there and spending time with family over the holidays.

The plan is to leave in mid-January and arrive in Australia just in time for summer!

I am not funded for an entire year, only about six months at this point. If you are not yet a supporter, please let me know if you want to pray for me or support me financially ( Can’t remember what I’ll be doing while there? Scroll down, as I have a recap in previous posts 🙂

Thank you all for your support and waiting with me! I’m told sometimes God makes people wait to help them grow. Hopefully this means I’ve grown a lot!

Please pray that:

  • Planning goes well between buying plane tickets and packing
  • I’ll grow closer and closer to God with this experience





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